HSC: Achieving Success

Mt St Patrick College is proud of its academic history and has consistently achieved outstanding results in the Higher School Certificate Examinations. All subjects have students placed in the highest bands with an increasing number of subjects having no students in the lowest two bands. This means that the majority of students at the College achieve very pleasing results in their external examinations. In the past five years the College has been placed in the 100 top performing schools in NSW in terms of HSC results. This includes students who have performed at the highest level, such as first in NSW for HSC English, Earth and Environmental Studies and Industrial Technology Multi Media.

At Mt St Patrick College we endeavour to make education an exciting adventure and believe that every person is a “work in progress” and that every student can grow in their learning. Education is an ongoing journey which is much more than the Higher School Certificate. A quality Catholic education is about learning specific content and also about learning to live life in a particular way. We nurture strong religious and personal values in our students so that they may serve the common good. Our College motto ‘in hoc signo spes mea’ (in this sign is my hope) inspires our community to live life to the full.

At Mt St Patrick College we accept our unique responsibility to lay the foundations upon which dreams become a reality.