Learning Technologies at MSPC

In 2010, the introduction of the one-to-one laptop scheme began at Mt St Patrick College with the introduction of the DER (Digital Education Revolution) grant, which provided a laptop to every Year Nine student in Australia. The rollout was very successful and the use of the devices provided many new technology infused pedagogical approaches to classroom practice. After the DER grant ceased, the College decided to continue with the one-to-one laptop program through a parent funded model as the laptops were now perceived as a vital tool to aid in learning.

After much research across a variety of schools running different models of laptop or tablet technology delivery systems, it was decided that the model of one-to-one student laptops provided by and serviced by HP, was the best fit for our College. Students receive a new laptop in Year 7 and Year 10. The current laptop of choice is the Probook 430 G5, however next year we are moving to a hybrid laptop/tablet HP X360 g4 due to its versatility and its digital inking capabilities. As part of the laptop package, the student purchases a 3 year warranty, which ensures that students are never without a laptop. If a student experiences problems with their laptop, they can raise a help desk with our IT department and swap out the device for a loan laptop, whilst their device is being repaired. Any hardware or software issues are repaired free of charge as it is included in the warranty, however any accidental damage such as a broken screen comes with a $55 excess fee. The cost of repayment for the laptops is spread across two years and the student owns the laptop in full by the end of Year 9 and Year 12.

As well as many Web 2.0 technologies, the school now utilises the Google Suite, now known as the G Suite. It is a brand of cloud computing that provides a range of productivity and collaboration and communication tools, software and products developed by Google. The main tools utilised by the College are -Drive for storage and Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Sites for collaboration. The students also have access to a range of specialised video and photo editing software from the industry standard Adobe range and students use Google Sketch-up for 3D modelling in the TAS department. All laptops come installed with Windows 10 and access to the full suite of Microsoft Office software. IN line with recent syllabus updates in the TAS departments, students are also using a wide range of block code software and the Python language for coding. 

Mt St Patrick College are currently moving towards a parents payment portal system that replaces the current model in which parents pay for the laptop on their school fees over 2 years. For the parents of the current Year 9 students in 2021, you will need to purchase the students laptop for 2022 via the portal link below. The instructions for navigating the portal are in the link below also. 
Payment portal parent instructions
ASI Payment Portal Link